Wes Studi Fan Site

The Studi Group Message Board

Official Wes Studi fan site.


Selected Celebrity Links

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie’s official site.

Pato Hoffmann

Official Pato Hoffmann website.

Steve Reevis

The Official Steve Reevis website.

Billy Wirth

This is the Billy Wirth Fan Club Site.


Entertainment Support Sites

American Indian Film Institute

Web site contains lots of information and is also where you can subscribe to ICE.

Native Celebs

Comprehensive web site on both well-known and rising native celebs.


Selected Cherokee Links

Official Cherokee Nation

This is the Cherokee Nation, of which Wes Studi is a member.

All Things Cherokee

As the name implies, excellent source for Cherokee information.


Other Selected Links

The Mohican Press

Comprehensive site on “Last of the Mohicans.” Investigate the entire site for Wes Studi info.

Native Peoples Magazine

Excellent magazine for those who want to learn about native cultures.

David Wright Art

As the premier artist of the American frontier, David Wright’s paintings depict historical subjects with deeply researched accuracy and detail.

Canku Ota

Magazine dealing with Native American issues.

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